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NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup - Week 2

Each week we will post our FanDuel lineup to give you some thoughts as to solid DFS plays.  We have a system how we go about filling out our lineups.  For those that are wondering, this lineup is being posted in a tournament league, so we are generally looking for high-upside players…. But know that balance and sure points will help us get into the money, too. 


Here’s how we filled out our lineup for Week 2:


Running Back – For the money, Tevin Coleman ($5,900) is a terrific play this week.  It appears that Devonta Freeman will not play against the Panthers.  Coleman could get 100 total years and a score.  Saving money at RB right off the bat will allow us to eventually splurge elsewhere.


Quarterback – We always target value at the QB spot.  For the money, Alex Smith ($7,100) is an incredible value play this week.  The Colts’ defense can’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag.  Expect Smith to top 250 yards and throw at least a pair of scores.  Potential for 300+ and 3+ TDs is there, too…. especially if Andrew Luck can put up some stats himself.  Love the value here.


Wide Receiver – Now that we have two value plays in place, we can opt for a potential top-scorer at WR.  Antonio Brown ($8,900) is due for a huge game against a Marcus Peters-less Chiefs secondary.  Fully expecting Big Ben and the Steelers offense to come out with guns blazing this week.  Expect Brown to be the centerpiece of the offense this week.  This could be one of “those games” for AB. 


Tight End – We are going to stack TE with our QB here, seeing that Jordan Reed ($6,200) is a good value and will likely be Alex Smith’s top target against the lowly Colts.  We’re off to a good start here, with some potential studs already in tow and an average of $6,380 remaining.  Now on to DEF where we always find value.


Defense – Actually…. we’re gonna splurge a bit here.  Even without Joey Bosa, the Chargers ($4,400) are going to smack Bills’ rookie Josh Allen around on Sunday.  We’ve already saved enough to still plug solid players in, even with a top defense. 


Wide Receiver – Since we need 3 (plus a potential flex), time to secure our WR2.   Really liking Jarvis Landry ($6,700) this week in what could be a shootout against the Saints.  Landry could be among the league leaders in receptions this week.  That high volume is perfect for a WR2 or WR3 in FanDuel scoring.


Running Back – We are just short of $7k per player left, so we’ll target a RB in that range.  James Conner ($7,000) is right at that spot, so since we’re buying in on him  (especially against a Swiss cheese Chief defense), and we’ll bite here. We now have an average of $6,900 for WR3 and a flex.  Nice.


Wide Receiver – Thinking the MIN/GBP tilt could be a higher-scoring affair come Sunday.  Flipping a coin on Adam Thielen ($7,600) and Stefon Diggs ($7,400).  Comes up Diggs, and we save $200 in the process.  Both Viking WRs should see a solid number of targets and Diggs has a little more scoring potential.


Flex – That leaves us with $6,400 for a flex.  Some names that pop out:  Isaiah Crowell, Philip Dorsett, Cooper Kupp, Randall Cobb, Chris Thompson and Nelson Agholor.  We are going with Nelson Agholor ($6,100).  Potential for 10 targets here, which could translate into big numbers.  Perfect flex.




QB – Smith ($7,100)

RB1 – Conner ($7,000)

RB2 – Coleman ($5,900)

WR1 – Brown ($8,900)

WR2 – Diggs ($7,400)

WR3 – Landry ($6,700)

TE – Reed ($6,200)

Flex – Agholor ($6,100)

DEF – Chargers ($4,400)