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Armchair Quarterback - Week 10

Can you believe we're almost through Week 10?  Heck, before ya know it it'll be the fantasy playoffs and GASP the actual Super Bowl.  Before we get too ahead of ourselves, though, let's reflect on some key takeaways from this weekend's games.

BAL 28 - CLE 7:  What's the key takeaway here?  That unless you have an elite offense going, you pretty much stay away from starting skill position players on Thursday night games.  Yuck.  As we noted, though, Terrence West would be a decent start and Joe Flacco would help those in need of a plug-and-play Week 10 QB. 

TEN 47 - GBP 25:  Biggest takeaway here is that Marcus Mariota is the real deal, y'all.  295 yards passing and 4 scores on the Packers is no joke.  That said, don't get your hopes up for him with regards to the rest of the season.  Aside from what should be a productive Week 11 against Indy, the Titans have a terribly bad schedule in terms of potential fantasy production passing-wise.  They Still have their bye week, then Denver, Jacksonville and Houston 3 of the last 4 weeks of the season. 

DEN 25 - NOS 23:  Couple takeaways here.  First and foremost, what a kick in the groin for the Saints.  Losing on a blocked extra point return?  What?  Key takeaway #2, Drew Brees is a fantasy god and has an incredibly easy schedule against the pass in his remaining games.  Oh, and finally, we were wrong about Kapri Bibbs this week.  Guess we took to heart the coaching staff's insistence that he would become more involved.

PHI 24 - ATL 16:  Key takeaway?  How about Philly's D, holding the Falcons to just 15 points.  Matt Ryan "only" threw for 267 yards.  If you want a neat little "free agent" takeaway, look to Wendell Smallwood, who all but took away Darren Sproles' value on Sunday.

LAR 9 - NYJ 6:  In probably one of the most boring games EVER, the Rams traveled across the country to drop a whopping 9 points on the Jets.  The Jets tried out Bryce Petty at QB, and the results were meh.  Case Keenum challenged the man formerly known as "Revis Island", torching him for 109 yards to Kenny Britt (of his 165 passing yards), most of which were on Darrelle Revis.  Time to switch to safety, pal.

TBB 36 - CHI 10:  Jameis Winston is starting to look like not only a legit NFL QB, but one that can produce solid fantasy stats on a regular basis.  It'd be nice, though, if he would look to Mike Evans more.  4 catches for 66 yards (all of that action coming late), isn't respectful of fantasy owners, bud.  Like he cares though.  Maybe if we offered him some crab legs?

WAS 26 - MIN 20:  Key takeaway is that the Vikings are in trouble.  What a slide.  Not going to say anything about the Redskins (although they did look impressive).  Will just say that the Vikings need to right their ship in a hurry if they want to run at the playoffs.  Good showing for Stefon Diggs in the loss, though.

KCC 20 - CAR 17:  Just when you thought the Panthers were "back", they run into a very underrated Chiefs squad.  No offensive TDs for the Chiefs; just a lot of kicking and one pick-6 from Eric Berry.  What looked like great matchups for both TEs fantasy-wise turned into a combined 8 catches for 70 yards out of Travis Kelce and Greg Olsen.  Boooooo.

MIA 31 - SDC 24:  Yet another 4th-quarter meltdown for the Chargers.  Don't look now, but Miami is looking halfway-decent, especially defensively.  Ryan Tannehill was quietly efficient, and finally made DeVante Parker look good.  Feel bad for Philip Rivers.  Another 300+ with 3 TDs, but did throw 4 picks and was sacked 3 times too.

ARI 23 - SFO 20:  This was far closer than anyone expected.  Guess you have to assume things could be held closer in division games.  Carson Palmer went for big yardage as expected, but the lone score leaves a lot to be desired.  We warned everyone to stay far away from the Niner RBs, whoever was starting/playing was in for a long day.

DAL 35 - PIT 30:  What a game.  Just wow.  Talk about hitting a pair of home-runs with draft picks.  Zeke Elliott and Dak Prescott are seriously making things look too easy.  Hats off, though, to Big Ben.  408 yards and 3 TDs really gave his fantasy owners something to drool over.  The Big Ben / Bell / Brown trio is just amazing for fantasy purposes.

SEA 31- NEP 24:  Tom Brady finally threw a pick and the Seahawks held on to beat the Pats in Foxboro last night.  Bit of a surprise, actually.  But the Pats simply could not pressure Russell Wilson and he picked them apart.  Oh, and the Hawks held Brady without a TD.  Don't worry, Brady and Co. will take out they frustrations on the Niners this coming week.