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4 Star Free Agents - Week 10

Week 10 Byes: Buffalo, Denver, Indianapolis, Oakland


Jay Cutler (CHI) He was en fuego going into the bye week, and now comes out of it facing Tampa's porous defense. This team is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. And so is he, but production is production and he still has decent weapons around him. In the end, this is a better matchup than most this week. ESPN 4% Yahoo 8% NFL 3%  

Joe Flacco (BAL) He's become a cousin to Alex Smith: nice average per week in yards thrown, not a lot of touchdowns, but isn't turning the ball over either. Give him a matchup against Cleveland this week and the chance is there for him to add scores to his otherwise so so stat lines the past month or so. ESPN 26% Yahoo 25% NFL 17% 

Running Backs: 

Kenneth Dixon (BAL) Call it a hunch, but with Terrence West averaging 1.3 YPC the last two weeks AND Harbaugh saying he wants to get Dixon more work the opportunity is there. Throw in a matchup against Cleveland and the recipe is there for Dixon to produce a sizable stat line. ESPN 10% Yahoo 12% NFL 8% 

Chris Ivory (JAX) This is a bit of a sneaky play, just based on how strong his performance was this past week. Although he didn't get as many snaps as Yeldon in the game, Ivory looked MUCH better and if the coaches decide he didn't fumble at the goal line (it looked like he actually scored) then he could end up out snapping Yeldon this week. It also helped that their new OC Hackett called a very run heavy game for the first time this season. ESPN 9% Yahoo 45% NFL10% 

Peyton Barber (TBB) This is a wait and see selection, but if both Martin and Rodgers can't go you have a running back here on a team that does it decently well, and he won't have much of a backup. This is a pure “chasing snaps and carries” selection, but if it hits, he could provide a nice boost for those needing a starting RB in week 10. ESPN 12% Yahoo 19% NFL 2%

Wide Receivers: 

Kendall Wright (TEN) Mariota is currently putting together a very nice run of games and the WR corps is benefiting as a result. I like Wright over Matthews here because he has been able to gain considerable yardage over the last month, and I don't see the touchdowns continuing for Wright at his current pace (5 in 5 games). A score or two will go elsewhere, and Wright, to me, is the location. The Packers secondary is somewhat shot at this point, making this a desirable matchup at the right time for the Titans. ESPN 12% Yahoo 15% NFL 4% 

Adam Humphries (TBB) For this week, let's call him a Poor Man's Kendall Wright: his production is on the uptick recently, and his matchup against the Bears only favors him that much more. If this turns into a shootout, you'll want a piece of it. ESPN 6% Yahoo 20% NFL 12% 

Cordarrelle Patterson (MIN) I'm selecting him more from a PPR standpoint than anything else, as he's averaging 5 catches a game for the last 5 games. The Vikings need to right the ship, and their slide isn't because they're getting him the ball. But his consistent contribution the last month should parlay into at least the same, of not larger role. ESPN 5% Yahoo 7% NFL 1%

Tight Ends: 

Lance Kendricks (LA) After his solid outing this week, he matches up against the Jets who deliver points to opposing Tight Ends in droves. I'm thinking that even if Keenum gets benched, Goff will rely on him in the ol “rookie finds the safety valve” way. Given his matchup and recent production, he is, in fact, a must start. ESPN 20% Yahoo 15% NFL 5%


New York Jets Going strictly here with the matchup against the Rams on the road. Separate from Kendricks benefitting even if Keenum is benched for Goff, the Rams give up fantasy points to opposing defenses more than anyone other than... the Jets. This will most likely be a bit of a sloppy game on both sides, and there's nothing wrong with benefitting from said slop. With the Rams on the road, the Jets are the pick up and play here, for the first and only time this season. ESPN 53% Yahoo 38% NFL 17%