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Armchair Quarterback - Week 9


The 2016 season is just flying by, and at this point it's pretty obvious who our heroes are.  Of course, with every hero there's always the zero counterpoint.  Let's take a look at a few Week 9 heroes and a few guys that, well, whose owners might feel like tossing in the trash bin.  

QB Hero - Colin Kaepernick:  We touted Kaepernick as a solid DFS option this week and he did not disappoint.  He hadn't thrown for more than 187 yards in any of his starts this season, but ended up more than doubling his season passing total against the Saints.  Nearly 400 yards in the air, a pair of TDs and added 23 more yards on the ground.  Is this fool's gold?  Possibly.  The Saints were up big early and the Niners were forced to pass, pass and pass some more.  That said, this is a positive sign as the Niners will continue to struggle to run the ball AND are softer on defense this season.  Kaepernick, given the right matchup, could be a viable play for those hurting at QB.

QB Zero - Derek Carr:  Whoa now.  Don't take this the wrong way, Raider fans.  Carr led his team to another victory, and although we expected a down game against the Broncos and their #1 pass defense, getting less than 10 points out of your QB is not something you want to see.  Don't worry, Carr will resume his MVP-type play, but it might be a few weeks.  After their Week 10 bye, the Raiders face the #2 pass defense in the Texans.

RB Hero - Melvin Gordon:  Remember wayyyy back when (like, last year?) when it looked like Gordon was a big fat bust?  Yeah, not so much anymore huh?  Dude ran for almost 200 yards and added 45 through the air (and scored once... something he didn't do AT ALL last year) this week.  Philip Rivers continues to sling the ball all over the field, keeping defenses honest and holes open for Gordon.

RB Zeroes - Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews:  Word on the street leading into this game was that Sproles was going to get more run.  Bad news for Mathews owners.  Well, both RBs scored less than expected this week.  Sproles helped his fantasy owners in PPR formats, and may continue to do so moving forward.  But overall it was a down week for him considering his potential.  And it looks like Mathews' value has indeed taken a big hit.

WR Hero - Michael Thomas:  Many pundits thought Thomas was a "project" at WR given his college stats.  We wonder if these so-called-experts actually watch college games.  When Thomas DID give opportunities, he was an absolute monster.  Just because a team doesn't air it out 40-50 times doesn't mean they don't have viable pass-catchers.  So was the case with Thomas at Ohio State.  Thomas is flourishing with Drew Brees at the helm, catching 2 TDs yesterday.   With Brees likely to keep flipping the ball all over the place, expect Thomas to only get better as the season - and his career - goes on.

WR Zero - Ty Montgomery:  OK maybe we're being a little hard on Montgomery.  But his 12 points in PPR was about equal to many projections for his CATCHES ALONE.  Yes, many experts thought he'd catch 10 balls this week.  With Cobb back and Adams and Nelson doing their thing, Montgomery's game was quelled a little.  Look for him to remain involved in this high-octane Packer offense, though.  Good things ahead.