Who2Start.com Armchair Quarterback
Armchair Quarterback - Week 7
Well folks, fall is officially upon us.  We're about halfway through the NFL season, the weather seems to be changing, and I just took my first goose egg in quite some time.  What kind of goose egg, you ask?  I'm talking about the kind of goose egg where you lose in every single one of your leagues.  And, as you may imagine, being a complete fantasy football junkie, that number is quite large.  11.  Yup, 11 leagues.  And taking a loss in each of them unless some kind of modern miracle happens in a few.  And it's not like I have bad teams.  In only two of those 11 do I have a losing record.  In most of them, I'm leading in points and/or atop the standings.  Having a good year.  But it was NOT a good week.  So, in honor of my 0-11 goose egg for Week 7, I present to you 11 things you should know moving forward in 2016.

1.  The Bears Suck.  Not only did they let the Green Bay Packers demolish them on Thursday night, they obviously have terrible judgment in picking RBs.  The diminutive Jacquizz Rodgers, whom the Bears let walk earlier this season, just torched the Niners for 154 yards on the ground.  This, after burning the Panthers 2 weeks back for 101 and caught 5 balls.  Sure, they liked what they saw in Jordan Howard, but after he's cooled a bit, Rodgers would have made for a decent 1-2 punch there.  If you want to take anything away from this, know that Rodgers + Doug Martin out + bad defense = 100+ yards easily.

2.  Jay Ajayi Won't Run for 200+ Yards Ever Again.  Sure, he's now only one of four other RBs to ever post back-to-back 200+ yard efforts, but I'll go out on a limb and say he'll never do it again.  At least not this season.  He does have two softies left on the schedule (@SDC and vs. SFO), but all other matchups aren't very favorable this season. 

3.  The Saints Are Fantasy Gold.  The Saints' defense couldn't fight its way out of a wet paper bag, but for us fantasy dorks, this is pure awesomeness.  Once again, Drew Brees puts up huge numbers (367/3), therefore making his pass-catchers more than relevant, with Willie Snead going 9/87, Brandin Cooks going 7/58/1 and what is best of all is that rookie Michael Thomas looks the part, catching 10 balls for 130 yards.  Thomas is the real deal.  Heck, even Mark Ingram got into the mix with 82 rushing yards and a score.

4.  Figure Out Who the Chiefs RB Is Yet?  Well, it looks like Spencer Ware, with Jamaal Charles only rushing ONCE against the putrid Saints' run D.  Ware ran for 77 yards and added 54 and a TD through the air.  The Chiefs have one of the best schedules for its runners, with only the Titans left as a defense allowing less than 20 ppg to RBs.  There are some serious softies left on the schedule, including next week @IND.   Rejoice, Ware owners!

5.  If Your Team Is Now 3-4, You Need Us.  Sorry for the shameless plug halfway through this list, but if you just dipped below .500, you only have a few weeks to get things back on track.  Who2Start.com has a $18.99 mid-season special going right now.  If you're serious about your fantasy football and want to make your league's playoffs, now's the time to right the ship.

6.  Trade Matt Jones Right Now.  Not only is the Redskins backfield looking like an RBBC mess, the Redskins have FIVE bad matchups (four in a row, and their bye week) over the next six weeks.  Plus a rather unfavorable matchup @CHI Week 16.  Jones looked good last week, and while he quieted down this week, he should produce well against CIN here this coming wek, as they give up over 26 ppg to RBs.  Pawn Jones off on some unsuspecting owner that doesn't realize that his next 4 opponents all allow less than 20 ppg to RBs. 

7.  Ezekiel Elliott Is About To Blow Up Again.  Coming off their bye week, the Cowboy run game will be rested and ready to explode.   Philly is fairly stout defensively, but after next week the Cowboys get Cleveland and Pittsburgh, both of whom allow big-time RB production.  Daily fantasy players need to consider Zeke if he's cheap enough both Week 9 and 10.

8.  Avoid Packer RBs For Rest Of Season.  Why?  Because you have no idea who will actually carry the ball the most, and if you're planning for your league's playoffs, you want no part of Week 14 (Seattle), 15 (Chicago) and Minnesota (16). 

9.  David Johnson Is Good.  After carving up the Jets 2 weeks ago (111 rushing yards, 3 TDs and 3 catches for 27 yards), we thought Johnson was one of the top backs in the NFL, if not the best.  After wearing down one of the best defenses in the league last night, and somehow accruing over 20 fantasy points, we're pretty much convinced.

10.  What's Wrong With Jacksonville's Passing Game?  We're not sure.  But "The Allens" were both WR1's last season, and now may be finishing out of the top-25 come season's end.  We here at Who2Start did project a dip in the Jaguars' passing production in 2016, but never anticipated this much of a drop.  Their run game is still not good, and the defense is really quite average.  We thought an improved run game and defense would lead to less fantasy love on the passing side.  Turns out they just suck all around.

11.  Fantasy Football Is Fun.  We'll leave you with this: fantasy football is fun.  It's more fun when you don't go 0-11 in your leagues, though.  Law of averages state that won't happen again, so now's a great time to join Who2Start and we'll turn things around for you (and ourselves too).