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NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup - Week 6
The DFS Accountant dropped some serious stacking knowledge on y'all yesterday, and even gave you a lineup to pump into DraftKings which will hopefully make all of us rich beyond our wildest dreams (or heck, let's be honest, give us enough cash for a nice steak dinner).  With that said, we will give you a FanDuel lineup that will hopefully pay for dessert and then some.  Let's take a look at who we like in GPP formats this week.  Going to hone it down a bit, still going with a larger format ($1K Sun NFL Mini Squib, single entry, $1 entry fee, max of 1,176 entries).  Definitely want to differentiate our lineup here and blend "safe" with "upside".

Defense:  Not sure how "chalky" this will be, but at $4,700 we love Tennessee against the Brownies.  Who's playing QB for Cleveland these days?  Just plug them in. 

Kicker:  The guy's averaging 11 fpp in FanDuel format, is at home, in a dome, facing a defense that yields a ton of yardage.  What's not to like about Nick Novak ($4,500 - cheapest available) this week?

Running Back:  We've been hesitant to recommend with total confidence Ryan Mathews ($6,500) to our customers in normal leagues this week given his up-and-down usage, but the numbers this week make him a solid boom-or-bust type of play for DFS.  The Redskins give up over 5 ypc and the Eagles are only listed as a field goal favorite.  That means ball control offense by the Eagles, which means lots of Ryan Mathews.  We're in.

Tight End:  Lots of love for a guy like Jimmy Graham this week. Ditto with Greg Olsen.  Both have nice matchups but we feel their usage will be too high.  Instead we are chasing the "on paper" numbers here and playing Delanie Walker ($6,700), who's cheaper than both and is facing the Browns, who give up the most fantasy points to TEs. 

Wide Receiver:  Another boom-or-bust guy, we are looking hard at Will Fuller ($6,900).  The Texans have a good matchup on paper, facing a Colts defense that's been roughed up in the secondary.  DeAndre Hopkins should see targets, but will be trying to shed the underrated Vontae Davis all day.  Fuller may see an uptick in targets or at minimum, will have some big play ability. 

QB/WR Stack:  You all know how important stacking is now after reading what Keagan Scott told us yesterday. Today we are looking at a few options and the best "value" appears to beRussell Wilson ($8,400) and Doug Baldwin ($7,600).  Only one other defense has given up more fantasy love in FanDuel scoring to QBs.  Baldwin's production this season in four games?:  up, down, up, down.... what comes next?

Running Back:  Going off the matchups here, looking for a guy with a great matchup.  The Saints give up the most fantasy points to RBs, but if J-Stew is back for the Panthers, that situation looks ugly.  Even if he's not back, which Panther RB do you go with?  Instead we'll plug Lamar Miller ($7,900) in.  The guy is just "due" to go off.  Colts give up the 4th-most points to RBs and his usage may be on the lower end given the price tag and his lack of serious production thus far.

Wide Receiver:  Real simple here.  Going with what we have left ($6,800) and comparing to our PPR rankings this week.  Jordan Matthews ($6,700) has a decent matchup, and has been a fairly safe producer in 2016 thus far.  Decent upside here in a game that could come down to the final minutes in the 4th quarter.   We have "double-dipped" with RB/WR combos twice in this lineup:  something we typically don't like doing in redraft leagues but in DFS, this gives us a very distinct lineup which, if these four players produce as we hope they will, could put us in the top rung of this contest. 

QB - Wilson ($8,400)
RB - Mathews ($6,500)
RB - Miller ($7,900)
WR - Fuller ($6,900)
WR - Baldwin ($7,600)
WR - Matthews ($6,700)
TE - Walker ($6,700)
PK - Novak ($4,500)
DEF - Titans ($4,700)

Good luck!