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4 Star Free Agents - Week 6

With only two teams on bye, this week doesn't have the scarcity that others will have. Still, there are a few nice players out here ready to be picked up and placed in your lineup if you don't like your match ups. 

Week 5 Byes: Minnesota, Tampa Bay


Alex Smith (KC) Just when I'm out, he pulls me back in. I'll admit it seems I can't go more than a month without including him in this column, but given the requirement of all players being available in 50% or more of all leagues from the 4 major sites sometimes this happens. His 2016 hasn't been all that great, but the Chiefs are coming off a bye and going against the Raiders D. They've been able to turn a few QBs into world beaters this season so I like this matchup with the extra week of prep here. ESPN 23% Yahoo 18% NFL 25% 

Brian Hoyer (CHI) I'm in a tough spot with this one, as I am a Bears fan and think the team this year is simply abysmal. But I'm invested in this team like no other, so I'm always reluctant to recommend a Bear. But right now, his stats don't lie and reading between the lines it seems if Hoyer stays healthy Cutler might well be done in Chicago. Hoyer has certainly elevated his game and risen to the occasion, he even found an unlikely go to guy in Meredith who is also listed below. The Jags at home are a nice play here. If he keeps the INTs down, he should perform very well. ESPN 16% Yahoo 18% NFL 3%

Running Backs: 

James White (NEP) Blount is a backfield factor to be sure, but White is the pass catcher here and his overall numbers at the end of the day were solid. A solid flex play at the minimum, and although the Browns provided nothing more than a tune up, that Patriots engine with Brady behind center looks mighty fine. You want a piece of this engine for sure. ESPN 29% Yahoo 46% NFL 6% 

Bilal Powell (NYJ) I'm sticking with this guy again, as he has clearly emerged as the pass catching back on the team, which is surprising given the presence of Forte. The Cardinals are probably the worst matchup in this column, but Powell is getting a consistent dozen plus touches which makes him a more than capable flex play. Recall that he ended last year rather strong, and perhaps that is in the works again, although the Jets record doesn't make the past two seasons an apples to apples comparison.ESPN 44% Yahoo 35% NFL 43% 

Cameron Artis-Paine (CAR) My most reluctant pick last week delivered in a big way. And now, the Panthers play the Saints who have one of the worst Ds in the league when it comes to stopping RB s. I'll be honest here as well: I don't care how good Stewart looks. He gets hurt more than Sam Bradford. It s what it is, and CAP looks like he can hang onto this gig in my opinion. ESPN 28% Yahoo 25% NFL 3%

Wide Receivers: 

Jamison Crowder (WAS) So he's cooled off a bit from his white hot start the first 3 weeks, and without his return TD last week his numbers would have been well below average. Nevertheless I'm convinced he's still startable despite a tough matchup against the Eagles. Note his numbers have gone down while Jackson’s have gone up. That is related and I expect teams will go back to focusing on Jackson, thereby allowing Crowder to head back towards his earlier production. ESPN 40% Yahoo 33% NFL 10% 

Sammie Coates (PIT) Ok, we most likely saw his best game of the year. But let's face it: he'll never be double teamed as long as Brown is on the field, and he's obviously a part of their game plan in a major way. The matchup this week against the Dolphins makes this a no brainer. ESPN 40% Yahoo 37% NFL 9% 

Cameron Meredith (CHI) I'm as big a Bears fan as any and have no idea where this guy came from. To prove I'm a Bears fan his emergence really angers me: he's doing what Kevin White was supposed to do. Nice 7 pick guys! I digress. Meredith is making the plays, and with Jeffrey on the field won't be seeing many double teams. And Hoyer appears to like him. He is VERY startable against the Jaguars, and I expect he'll be gone in most leagues by the weekend. ESPN 2% Yahoo 5% NFL 1%

Tight Ends: 

Hunter Henry (SD) I'm going to stick with him again this week. Denver is a stiff matchup, but they are betting at stopping wideouts than tight ends. Also, two straight weeks of finding the end zone is very encouraging. It seems like the torch at this position is finally being passed from Gates, and it is to HH. ESPN 52% Yahoo 28% NFL 14%


Baltimore Not the sexiest of picks, but they go to New york to play the Giants who's offense appears to be a dumpster fire in the making. It is bad Eli we are looking at, and it doesn't look to be getting better but rather is heading the other direction. A solid start this week. ESPN 37% Yahoo 32% NFL 16%