Armchair Quarterback - Week 5
aking a quick look at our "Sunday 6 Pack" - 6 games that highlight the most interesting fantasy football tidbits.  In some cases, you're going to want to add the names discussed here.  In some cases, it might be prudent to wait.  All depends on the size and scoring of your league.  Questions?  You know what to do.  Sign up today and become a part of the Who2Start nation!

NEP 33 - CLE 13:  Yeah so Tom Brady's back.  Instant upgrade for guys like James White, Chris Hogan and even Martellus Bennett.  If Gronk isn't right, Bennett may be the #1 TE the rest of the way.  Time to get all Pats in your lineups.

ATL 23 - DEN 16:  The Falcons have just beat both participants in last season's Super Bowl back-to-back.  Impressive, especially since the Falcons were a complete disappointment last season and came into this season with a ton of question marks.  They took care of business against terrible teams, but now maybe they ARE for real.  Good luck deciding which Falcon RB to hang your hat on.  Both Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman will have good games moving forward.  If I had to bet, I'd say Freeman ends up the better of the two, but maybe not by much.

OAK 34 - SDC 31:  I think everyone and their mother knew this would be high-scoring affair.  Neither team's defense is especially good and even when they did have decent defenses, these games were typically shootouts.  We're a bit down on DeAndre Washington.  Should have done more than 52 total yards in this contest.  Getting higher on Hunter Henry.  Rookie TEs usually don't matter, but this one went for 74 yards and a score, even with Antonio Gates playing.  Expect Henry to be the TE1 there, with Gates filling in.

TEN 30 - MIA 17:  Put Marcus Mariota back on your map.  He's had some lousy games but is capable of turning it on at any point.  The Titans have a favorable schedule remaining, with games against CLE, JAC, SD, IND, and JAC again in Week 16 when most leagues have their championship.  Conversely, we are souring on every single Miami Dolphin.  Even Jarvis Landry.  They are a mess right now.

WAS 16 - BAL 10:  Ew.  Just... ew.  This is what happens when you have high winds and two offenses that are capable of big things, but for some reason find a way to stink up the joint.  Both QBs threw the ball a ton, but only two passing scores occurred.  Marc Trestman was canned as the Ravens' OC, which may mean Terrence West is a "hold", with Kenneth Dixon(who fit the Trestman mold a bit more) becoming a "wait and see".  Nothing much to say about the Redskins other than they will give you fits in terms of trying to figure out what pass-catcher will be the flavor of the week.  This week, it was Pierre Garcon.  While he's an OK bye week filler, we'd hate to rely on him.  Even with the Ravens competently covering the TE this season, Jordan Reed caught 8 balls for 53 yards.  You can rely on him, but he's the only Redskin we'd start week to week.

GBP 23 - NYG 16:  And our final look of the week, a game where neither HOF QB could do much of anything.  Both Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers looked off last night.  Both finished a hair over 50% completion, which is an anomaly for them.  Manning looked especially off, missing on at least 3-4 big plays that could have totally changed the landscape of that game.   That said, you can't really trade for or trade away either QB right now.  Stick with them.  Rodgers got Randall Cobb involved last night and Davante Adams had some flashes too.