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Armchair Quarterback - Week 4
Well folks, after a week off we are ready to digest the week that was and bring you some snippets and thoughts on Sunday's action.  Once again, we see some injuries that may or may not affect your teams.  We will run through those first then talk about some players that were hot and those that weren't so hot here in Week 4.


Really just three that we'll pay the most attention to here.  One, Cam Newton was concussed (only a matter of time, right?) on Sunday after he slowed up at the goal line taking a 2-pointer in.  Why he did this was more of showboating than anything, and took a totally legal shot in the process.  We'll likely not know much if anything until Wednesday.  If you need to add a QB, Derek Anderson will start if Newton can't.  And playing the Bucs will make Anderson a viable one-week add. 

Trevor Siemian hurt his non-throwing shoulder on Sunday and Paxton Lynch came in and played admirably in Siemian's stead.  Now, it was reported that Siemian could have potentially come in and play had the game not already been a blowout.  So more than Likely Siemian will get his job back, but Lynch did look good in his first real NFL action.

And finally, with Carson Palmer getting knocked out with a concussion of his own, Drew Stanton becomes QB1 for the fledgling Cardinals.  Could a switch inject some life into this offense?  Maybe.  With Arizona playing in the Thursday night game in San Francisco, it's unlikely Palmer will be able to suit up.  Stanton becomes a decent enough add if you're in a bigger league and have Palmer as your #1.

These Guys Are HOT

No, not "hot"... you know what I mean.  Folks, we were dead wrong on Matt Ryan.  When you can put up 517 and 4 (yes, you read both those numbers right) on Carolina of all teams, you know you're cookin'.  We thought Ryan looked "off" in the pre-season.  Guess not.  He is en fuego and obviously a must-start every week from here on out.

As for a couple of RBs that keep chuggin' away, it's nice to see Melvin Gordon seize his opportunity.  When he faces a lax defense, he produces.  Another couple of scores for him Sunday.  And DeMarco Murray is having a great season for the Titans, even with a talented runner in Derrick Henry waiting in the wings.  Murray topped 100 yards (119) and scored twice against a very good (albeit J.J. Watt-less) Houston defense.

Going to forgo the obvious WR pick here in Julio Jones to instead discuss the Denver WRs.  Emmanuel Sanders has games of 9/117/2 and 8/88/1 in the past two weeks.  13 targets in each contest.   And, doing as much with less is Demaryius Thomas (6/100/1 and 6/94/1).  He's only seen 14 total targets in those two games.  The next few weeks (save a contest against the Texans) look cherry for the Denver passing game.  Games against the Falcons (third-worst vs. the pass), Chargers twice (second-worst), Raiders (last) and Saints (seventh-worst) are next up and could mean big numbers for the duo if Trevor Siemian is good to go.  Heck, even Paxton Lynch looked up to the task.

These Guys are NOT HOT

Yikes, wassup with Amari Cooper?  Targets went way down (6) this past week, although it looked like the Ravens were making other Raiders beat them.  (Hello, Michael Crabtree).  But two weeks with just a total of 9 catches for 110 yards is not very Cooper-esque.   If there's one WR you can buy low on, it's Cooper.  Have the Cooper owner look at the Raiders' upcoming schedule (toughies against Jags, Broncos and Texans) and sell him on the fact those numbers may continue.  If you can afford to lose someone for Cooper and still make the playoffs, take a look at the final, money-making weeks:  Buffalo, Chargers, Colts.

Guess Spencer Ware is not who we thought he was, and may not hold off Jamaal Charles for RB1 duties for the Chiefs.  Two very uninspiring efforts the past couple of weeks.  Granted, last night's game was over before it started, but we were hoping to see Ware really putting forth a big effort as Charles got close to returning.

Couple of QBs to throw out there: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Marcus Mariota.  Fitz is a solid vet, but hey, maybe the Jets knew something when they were reluctant to give him more than a year's contract.  Two weeks ago, 6 picks.  Not a pick-6, but yeah... you know.  SIX PICKS.  Followed that up (granted, against the Seahawks) with another less-than-stellar outing.  And despite the emergence of Quincy Enunwa, Fitz will be without Eric Decker for at least another couple of weeks.  If he can't put some numbers against the Steelers (2nd to last against the pass) then we will really start to worry.  Heck, we kind of already are.  As for Mariota, yikes.  After two decent outings to start the season, he throws for 214 yards and 2 picks against the NFL's worst pass D (Oakland) and then follows that up with 202 and 1 pick against the best pass D in the NFL (Houston).  So, not sure what's going on here.  Things really soften up the next three weeks, so hoping he pulls it together.