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NFL FanDuel / DraftKings Lineup - Week 4

Well, our posted lineup last week may not have done great, but we're currently #9 out of 1,700+ in a Monday-Thursday contest!  Yessssss...  So, let's keep the winning feeling going and pick some guys that will help you WIN too.  Entering the $1.1M NFL Sling TV Rush for $5.  Let's see how we do!

Kicker:  They're all basically the same, guys and gals.  Dustin Hopkins ($4,500) is averaging almost 14 points per game and the Redskins will have no problem moving the ball on the Browns.... but could have trouble pounding the rock in the red zone.  

Defense:  Work with us here... the Rams ($4,400) have dropped too many potential picks.  Carson Palmer takes a lot of chances.  Something has to give.  If anything, the Ram defense will be on the field a lot.  We will gamble here at just $400 off the cheapest DEF.

Running Back:  Since we're only getting 0.5 PPR here, we are looking for a guy that has the best blend of TD potential and rushing attempts.  Given what's going on with the Pats,LeGarrette Blount ($7,500) looks like a studly pick here.

Tight End: For us, the TE position has been pretty goofy this season.  We want someone with a good matchup, but safe enough to give us enough production to keep us in range to cash.  Dennis Pitta ($5,400) fits the bill here.  He's been targeted consistently and the Raiders aren't great in terms of covering opposing TEs.

Wide Receiver:  We are all over the NOS/SDC game.  Big over/under and there's going to be a lot of passing.  Travis Benjamin ($6,600) could have a huge game.

QB/WR stack:  And heck, while we're at it, this is the kind of decision that wins you GPPs.  We're going to not only roll with Benjamin from the Bolts, but we are going with Tyrell Williams ($6,400) and Philip Rivers ($8,500).  Even with paying big for QB, we have plenty of cash to spend on our last RB and WR.

Running Back:  This might be crazy, but we're going with yet another Charger.  Yup.  Melvin Gordon ($7,600) could rip the Saints.  The Falcons did on MNF and Gordon's hot.

Wide Receiver:  Finally, we'll continue with the Saints/Chargers theme and ink Brandin Cooks ($8,200).  He should be busy with the Chargers trying to cover TE Coby Fleener.  

QB:  Rivers ($8,500)
RB:  Gordon ($7,600)
RB:  Blount ($7,500)
WR:  Cooks ($8,200)
WR:  T. Benjamin ($6,600)
WR:  T. Williams ($6,400)
TE:  Pitta ($5,400)
PK:  Hopkins ($4,500)
DEF:  Rams ($4,400)



Going for the NFL $100K First Down contest.  Just a buck, so we're going to make some "dice roll" plays based on best matchups.

Defense:  Ryan Fitzpatrick won't throw 6 picks again, but we still like the Seahawks ($3,800).  

Wide Receiver:  Even if Josh Norman covers him, we kinda like Terrelle Pryor ($4,300) based on his ability to run (and heck, even throw) the ball.

Running Backs:  Going to do something kinda crazy here.  We are going to take BOTH Carolina RBs.  Follow us here.  Cameron Artis-Payne ($3,400) is the starter.  Faced a tough Viking D last week and still gained nearly 4 ypc.  Much, much easier matchup this week.  He could be relied on to pound the ball late.  And, to get the Panthers the lead, we're expecting big things from Fozzy Whittaker ($3,900).  This is the kind of move that, if things pan out the way we think, could lead us to big points and a "differentiated" lineup that wins us cash.

Tight End:  Sticking with the Panthers.  The Falcons made Coby Fleener relevant again last week, imagine what Greg Olsen ($6,000) is going to be able to do.

QB/WR/WR Stack: Going off the beaten path here, following our DFS Accountant recommendations, and going with Brian Hoyer ($5,000) facing a Lions defense giving up the most points to QBs in DraftKings scoring.   And not only will we ink Alshon Jeffery ($7,500) but will add Eddie Royal ($3,500) in what could be a shootout with a TON of passing.  Hopefully lots of garbage time love for the Bear passing attack.

Flex:  Not sure if a lot of GPP players will run Le'Veon Bell ($7,500) out on his first game back or not.  Regardless, we have some pretty "out there" selections that will differentiate us.  

QB:  Hoyer ($5,000)
RB:  Artis-Payne ($3,400)
RB:  Whittaker ($3,900)
WR:  Pryor ($4,300)
WR:  Jeffery ($7,500)
WR:  Royal ($3,500)
TE:  Olsen ($6,000)
DEF:  Seahawks ($3,800)
Flex:  Bell ($7,500)

We will revisit this lineup next week to see if the multiple stacks worked out.