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4 Star Free Agents - Week 3


Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ) Not that I drafted him in any of my 5 teams this year, but I'm rather surprised he can make the cut of being available in over 50% of leagues. He;s not the sexiest fantasy pick out there, but he sure has weapons around him, and he is smart enough to use them very well. I expect a sold season from him, pushing into the QB1 range (top 12) by the end of the season. NFL.com 17%; Yahoo 41%; ESPN 33%

Alex Smith (KC) No, I don't have a man crush on him, and yes I was very wrong in last week's recommendation. But let's face it: he met a rebuilt and nastier version of the Texans D he lit up last year in the playoffs, and they came hell bent looking to even the score. Not so this week: the Jets are coming up and they just turned Tyrod Taylor into Fran Tarkenton (the Vikings version). Play your match ups here and expect a nice bounce back from Smith. Reid seems to get on him after he plays it safe and you can bet that happened again after his turd of a game. NFL.com 42%; Yahoo 27%; ESPN 33%

Running Backs

Kenyan Drake (MIA) This is a grab and stash pick. Foster clearly will never be what he once was; heck, he might not be much of a starting RB ever again. Gase doesn't seem to like Ajayi. Enter Kenyan Drake. He's a rookie yes, but got into the end zone on a nice run and deserves more looks based on that alone. Again, I wouldn't start him this week, but this is a grab that could pay off down the line. NFL.com 1%; Yahoo 1%; ESPN 1%

Fozzy Whittaker (CAR) James Stewart is hurt (again). Whittaker looks to be the primary backup here, despite Paine's presence. I go with him over Paine right now, given his output this past weekend, and recall that despite Paine's hot end to last year, Whittaker got more than his fair share of playoff carries. This situation bears watching, but getting the starting RB on a Super Bowl team is never a bad thing. And we all know Stewart will likely get hurt again. NFL.com 1%; Yahoo 5%; ESPN 1%

Matt Asiata (MIN) The disappointment for Minnesota has to be twofold: they didn't just lose AP for an extended period (again) but their trade for Bradford was an all in move in part because of APs presence this year. However, in the past few seasons Asiata has shown more than average ability to put up stiff numbers at times. He is one of the best TD vultures out there, and certainly the thunder to McKinnon's lightning. Even with the low chance of AP returning in 4 weeks if he goes for the lesser surgery, add Asiata with confidence right now. NFL.com 1%; Yahoo 2%; ESPN 1%


Wide Receivers

Jamison Crowder (WAS) 10 targets one week, 8 the next. A classic “out of nowhere” guy who is available practically everywhere. Washington has a really bad D, and it looks like he will benefit from much come from behind play this season. Not the sexiest pick out there, but these selections are about performance and good odds. He appears set to be a weekly contributor regardless of how poorly the team looks. NFL.com 1%; Yahoo 6%; ESPN 3%

Quincy Enunwa (NYJ) He leads the Jets in receptions through two week. No, I do NOT expect that to hold up for 14 more games. However, he's a hot hand at the moment, and if Marshall sits this coming week he is a very easy start. NFL.com 2%; Yahoo 10%; ESPN 5%

Tyrell Williams (SD) He is getting scooped up fast, and with good reason. He performed very well in Week 1, and in the wake of Allen's injury turned in another fine Week 2. Philip Rivers likes to throw. A lot. Although it remains to be seen where Woodhead's receptions/targets end up, it would not be a surprise if he benefits from that injury as well. NFL.com 3%; Yahoo 48%; ESPN 43%

Tight End

Dennis Pitta BAL) Last week I noted Victor Cruz's return to relevancy on the perhaps last possible point possible for him. Well, that entire concept needs to be rethought in the wake of Dennis Pitta's return. We simply must salute his comeback from massive hip injuries. This could be the feel good story of the year about to happen folks. Remember two things: Flacco doesn't just like to throw to his tight ends, he is great friends with Pitta off the field. NFL.com 6%; Yahoo 11%; ESPN 9%


Buffalo Call this a hunch pick, driven by the Buffalo situation. Let's face it, no one was impressed or distracted by Ryan's firing of his OC. That deflection is as transparent as glass and his seat is as hot as anyone's. He needs his D to step up RIGHT NOW as that is his specialty or both him and his brother will be sent packing. Although the Cardinals on paper are a stiff test to be sure, they're traveling all the way east and playing early. I could quote Chris Berman right here but will pump the brakes on my certainty. But in the end, this should provide some nice points if you've lost faith in your drafted D already.NFL.com 8%; Yahoo 48%; ESPN 32%