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4 Star Free Agents - Week 2


Matt Ryan (ATL) This is a good example of the pendulum swinging too far into “hate” resulting in lack of drafting. He should be on pretty much every team, and will push for QB1 numbers this season for sure. He throws to Julio Jones, heard of him? Another interesting stat: in 8 seasons he has missed two games. If the Falcons' D continues to give up points he should be in for a VERY productive year. NFL.com 25%; Yahoo 52%; ESPN 41%

Alex Smith (KC) I picked him Week 1 of last season and said he'd be pushing for QB1 numbers by the end of the year. Well, he was #14 after 16 weeks last year. That's pretty darn close. He has a nice WR corps, and doesn't seem to miss a productive beat even with the RBS in flux. Remember – he makes up for his somewhat timid yardage totals with a distinct lack of turnovers. And he can find the end zone regularly. Another guy like Matty Ice where the pre draft cynicism didn't lead to him being taken by and large. And that's a mistake. NFL.com 37%; Yahoo 21%; ESPN 26%

Running Backs

Tevin Coleman (ATL) He WAS the RB1 last year going into Week 1. he got dinged and Freeman took off with the gig. Now, we are somewhat reset and the results spoke for themselves. If you are in a PPR format, this guy is a no brainer. And if not, we still warrants serious consideration. I think Atlanta is going to have a few guys under the radar early, and he is one of them. NFL.com 44%; Yahoo 43%; ESPN 61%

Terrence West (BAL) This is the guy you want. While Forsett seems to be the obvious choice, I just feel that if he was “the guy” here he'd have sewn it up already having been with the team for so long. And make no doubt about it: there is fantasy gold in Baltimore if Marc Trestman settles on a go to guy. West is dynamic enough to be giving Forsett a serious run for his money. And if you want over 12 touches against the Browns D this week, here it is. NFL.com 34%; Yahoo 29%; ESPN 43%

Darren Sproles (PHI) In a bit of a surprise, he got more snaps than Ryan Matthews. Does that make him the RB1 in Philly? It did for week 1. There doesn't seem to be any indication that will change. If he's got game for another full season, this is EXACTLY the type of week 1 pick you're looking for to tweak your draft. NFL.com 13%; Yahoo 42%; ESPN 51%

Wide Receivers

Phillip Dorsett (IND) It's become clear that Indy has little defense to speak of, meaning Luck is going to be throwing from behind a lot. It's not often a WR3 on an NFL team becomes a decent pick, but here you go. Almost had 100 yards on 6 catches. Something tells me he'll be feast or famine barring an injury ahead of him, but still he looks good. NFL.com 2%; Yahoo 39%; ESPN 41%

Victor Cruz (NYG) Just when I though I was out, he pulls me back in. On the last possible week for us to finally forget about him, Cruz shows up and dances his way into these players. If he is back, even 85% back, then he is a no brainer add. He will not get double teamed and has that wonderful size/speed combo. And a bit of history with Eli. That never hurts. NFL.com 18%; Yahoo 19%; ESPN 19%

Terrelle Pryor (CLE) From award winning QB at Ohio State to starting NFL receiver... 7 years later. Certainly, a strange trip. But you cannot deny: he was the WR1 for the Browns this weekend, and with his QB background you can expect more gadgety plays run his way, like the wildcat they lined him up in this past weekend. And frankly, he might be better off with Hill at QB. Hes got the size and smarts, which is never a bad thing in the NFL. NFL.com 3%; Yahoo 16%; ESPN 22%

Tight Ends

Virgil Green (DEN) There's a good chance he will grow into his own this season and provide the security his rookie QB needs. It was a nice first week for him, enough so to warrant attention for a pickup. There's a lot of upside here although the jury is out. Still, I wouldn't be picking him if I didn't think the potential is high, and it very much is. NFL.com 3%; Yahoo 27%; ESPN 10%


Philadelphia This is a nice unit for sure, with a better than decent schedule for the year. Also, one has to think the two seasons of Chip's practices might mean they are better conditioned than your average NFL unit at this point. What does that mean? I'm not sure but the results this weekend sure look good. Worth a roster spot no doubt. NFL.com 28%; Yahoo 48%; ESPN 31%