Who2Start Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups
NFL Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup - Week 1

Quarterback:  Our #1 guy at $7,700 is a great way to start out by saving some coin.  Derek Carr should have a huge game and is priced right.

Running Backs #1:  Always try to find value here, and our #1 guy, DeAngelo Williams, is only $7,100.  Buy!

Defense:  Giants are only $4,400 and last we looked, Dak Prescott AND Zeke Elliott (while talented) are still rookies.

Kicker:  Come on guys, they're all the same.  That said, we'll go up $100 from the cheapos and spend $4,600 on Chris Boswell, who will be busy against the Redskins.

Tight End:  No need to splurge on Gronk here, especially with our #1 guy at a mere $7,400.  Going with Jordan Reed. 

"Value" Wide Receiver:  Marvin Jones is only $5,500.  FanDuel has no idea.  He'll score as much as many of the top, more expensive options.

"Stack" Wide Receiver:  We love that Crabtree is only $6,100, but honestly the 1k jump to Cooper is worth it.  Still gives us $8,100 average per player left, so basically 2 studs.

Last Wide Receiver:  Trying to stay around $8k, that way we can get a solid RB with our last selection.  Instead, we scroll down to find T.Y. Hilton at a mere $6,800.  That's nuts.  And that leaves us with enough scratch for the best RB. 

Last Running Back:  Basically we get our choice here.  Already have our #1 guy in D-Will.  So we can go Lamar Miller or Todd Gurley.  Thinking Gurley is the play in half PPR.

Value Engineering:  With $500 left, we decide to "power up" and go with our #1 D, Houston.  Not a dime to spare.

**  Check back next week to see how we did, and for our FanDuel lineup as well.  Good luck DFS'ers!